A translog stochastic frontier analyses of technical, economic and allocative efficiencies in yam production in Ebonyi State, Nigeria

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D. O. Ohajianya
S. U. Nwibo
E. C. Nzeh
H. C. Unaeze
G. N. Umeh
E. U. Nwachukwu


This study estimated technical, economic, allocative efficiencies and determinants of allocative efficiency of yam farmers in Ebonyi State,  Nigeria using translog stochastic frontier production function. Data were collected with structured questionnaire from 160 proportionately and randomly selected yam farmers. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as mean, standard deviation, frequency distribution and percentages, as well as econometric tool of translog stochastic frontier production function. Results show that the mean age, level of education, farm size farming experience, extension contact, household size and anuual farm income were 48.2 years, 9.3 years, 1.02 hectares, 18.7 years, 0.53 visit, 8 persons and N431603 respectively. The mean technical, economic and allocative efficiencies were 72.12%, 67.55%, and 86.31% respectively. Yam farmers are allocative inefficient in resource utilization. The sources of allocative inefficiency were age, level of education, farming experience, farm size, marital status, extension contact, credit access, household size, and off-farm employment. Yam farmers should endeavor to properly allocate resource inputs to achieve improvement in allocative efficiency.

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