Growth Rates and Determinants of Rubber Export in Nigeria

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F. A. Nse-Nelson
I. C. Onyebinama
K. C. Obike


The study analysed growth rates and determinants of rubber export in Nigeria. Time series data used for the study were collected from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).  The data were analysed using exponential trend model, quadratic trend model, ordinary least square regression model and z-test. Findings from the study showed that time trend variable was a major factor in determining rubber export in the study period. The growth trend of rubber export in Nigeria per annum within the period under study (instantaneous rates of growth) was 4.15% and the rate of growth of rubber export in Nigeria (compound rates of growth) was 4. 23%. Results showed that there was stagnation in the growth rates of rubber export. Results further showed that there was a significant difference in the mean output quantity of rubber and exports within the period under review. From the regression model, it was observed that rubber export was positively influenced by output quantity of rubber, world price of rubber and producer price while it was negatively influenced by domestic utilization and nominal exchange rate. The study recommended the need to reassess the rubber export policy in Nigeria and to compliment it with such policies as farm support policies, output price incentives and non-price incentive policies.

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