Perception and Challenges of Small-Scale Farmers to Human Labour Access in North Central Nigeria

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O. S. Akintobi
E. E. Idu
J. Ajah


The study evaluated perception and challenges of small-scale farmers to human labour access in north central Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling technique was used for sample selection while questionnaire was used for data collection. A total of 1,750 farmers were randomly interviewed. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and two-way mixed factorial analysis of variance and mean separation was done at 5% probability level. Result shows that the farmers are aware of lack of access to labour. Mean separation showed Abuja (2.01) and Kwara State (1.72) having least access to labour. High cost of labour is the biggest challenge for farmers in accessing labour in north central Nigeria. Based on the findings, the research concluded that there is an ongoing decline in the availability of agricultural labour which will result in increased cost of production for the small-scale farmers. The study recommends that government should implement sector-specific policies that would protect the sectors most vulnerable from minimum wage shocks in order to boost their outputs and exports 

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