Globalization and Infrastructural Development in Nigeria: The Public-Private Partnership Option

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U. Unya


Globalization is a concept that has transformed the world economy in the past last century. Its impact had been more significant in Europe and America where technological advancement reduced cost in transportation, mobility and communication.  Meanwhile, in retrospect, globalization has not borne satisfactory fruits in Africa. Its negative experience stands in stark contrast to the successes it has recorded in other regions. Nigeria, as an African nation is yet to maximize the positive promises of globalization. There are serious infrastructure deficits in Nigeria, despite the existence of a plethora of development policies. However, the objective of this study is to examine and assess the viability of Public Private Partnership (PPP)  option as an alternative to solving Nigeria’s development problems. The study is basically qualitative. The findings reveal that PPP is a workable development strategy that Nigerian government should embrace having worked perfectly in Lagos State. The study then concludes that the adoption of PPP will benefit the country since PPP fund will be made available for different infrastructural development of the economy.

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