Effective School Leadership and Time Management in Secondary Schools

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F. U. Okorie


This paper discussed the concept of leadership in relation to time management in secondary schools. It specifically discussed the theories and forms of leadership, norms for effective staff management, tasks of school principals and their role in ensuring judicious use of time. The paper recommends that school administrators should work hard to inculcate time-conscious habits in their staff and students, avoiding distractions that inhibit effective use of time. In agreement with several researchers, school principals must possess professional and administrative qualities that manifest in effective communication, caring, creating opportunities, quality time management ascribable to credible leaders. They must lead by example to discourage lateness to work and absenteeism. Also, school leadership should delegate responsibilities to capable subordinates with relevant backgrounds who will ensure timely delivery of services to parents, students and the general public. Participation in workshops for training in current management practices is also recommended.

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